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ClearPath™ Ice Melter contains SmartMelt® Technology which is the third generation advanced engineered blend of polyols, organic salts and bio additives encapsulating a non-organic chloride. This blend offers the greatest ice melt capacity, lowest corrosion and overall performance like no other branded granular de-icer in its class.

It was developed with the same patented technology used by commercial airports and military bases all over North America and UK. Find out how our SmartMelt® Technology products can enhance your winter de-icing needs by improving performance and reducing costs.

  • ClearPath™ ice-melter is 71% less corrosive than other competitors products
  • Salt in isolation typically melts ice to -10 Degrees Celsius. ClearPath products melt ice at -30 Degrees Celsius
  • Advanced formula with x-22 Corrosion Inhibitor allows for faster, longer lasting ice melting capability on sidewalks, steps, porches and driveways while limiting corrosion
  • When applied as directed, it's bright colour and superior ice melting qualities are 100% pet-friendly and won't leave tracks inside nor stain
  • 5kg per jug