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  • Crystal Clear, Streak-Free Finish On Mirrors, Glass, Porcelain, & More. The days of dragging around a heavy squeegee or inhaling harmful chemical cleaners are over! Getting your client’s (or your own) smooth surfacescompletely clean couldn’t be safer or easier.


  • Save Money & Clean Safely! Leaves No Lint, Completely Spot-Free Finish. This investment will pay for itself in the money you’ll save on glass cleaning chemicals, alone! Feel good cleaning surfaces safely, without dangerous chemicals, leaving your clients completely happy (and yourself healthy)!
  • Use Over & Over Again, Practical & Affordable To Use On The Job. These can be laundered hundreds of times, so they literally cost a fraction of a cent per use! Can you afford to not use them?


  • Blow Your Clients (Or Spouse) Away With How Clean Their Windows, Glass, Screens, And Mirrors Become! Have you got another tool in your arsenal that can clean just about any smooth surface…without chemical cleaners…AND won’t leave any streaks, scratches, spots, or lint? You’ve got to try this for yourself!